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Mobile Productivity

Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites

Is your company ready to take advantage of the mobile world?

Today we are in the midst of the Mobile Internet Revolution. Smartphones and tablet computers are common devices for portable communications; and mobile web sites and mobile apps (applications) provide users a rich, interactive experience. Whatever processes your company engages in today can be streamlined including: business planning, reporting, sales, workgroup connectivity, secure database access, paperwork reduction.


In this white paper we shed light on recent developments to help you understand how the mobile environment can dramatically improve workforce and workflow productivity.

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The evolution of the Internet provides new opportunities to reach your customers and business partners with timely information and useful tools. AppGenie is a leader in developing mobile websites and mobile apps for all platforms and devices. We can fully integrate your existing back office, data base systems and intranet. Integration can also include sales and invoicing. AppGenie mobile apps and websites help companies enhance business operations, reduce expenses and increase sales. We invite you to contact us so we can examine the solutions that are best for you.

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Examples of How Mobile Apps Can Help Your Business

  • Workgroup collaboration: documents, meetings, projects, discussions, knowledge sharing 
  • Enhance employee productivity: education, scheduling, calendars, expense management 
  • Improve mobile workforce tools, communication, delivery and navigation 
  • Provide new client services, improve options for distributors, create 3-D modelling services 
  • Improve project and resource planning 
  • Reduce paperwork and streamline processes with mobile workflow 
  • Mobile point-of-sales: fast transactions, customer loyalty, business where it happens

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